Asia Ecological Aids in BEAM Assessments
Asia Ecological has recently been providing input for a number of BEAM (Building Environmental Assessment Method) assessments around Hong Kong, for clients such as SWIRE Properties and HK Electric. The BEAM certification programme aims to enhance the environmental performance of properties throughout their lifecycle by setting performance standards that properties must meet in order to maintain their BEAM certified status. In terms of ecology, BEAM encourages the protection of natural habitats in order to maintain or increase local biodiversity through the formulation of management strategies. Click here for more information
  Nam Sang Wai Ecological Impact Assessment
to be conducted by Asia Ecological

A 12-month Ecological Impact Assessment (EcolIA) survey for a proposed Integrated Conservation and Development Project at Nam Sang Wai is being carried out by Asia Ecological. The 97-hectare site lies on the edge of the Deep Bay wetland system and comprises mainly inactive commercial fishponds. Previous development proposals for this area have attracted considerable attention from NGOs and the public, and it is expected that Nam Sang Wai will continue to be a focus of such attention. The results of ecological surveys will be used to minimise the potential impacts of any proposed development. Click here for more information
  Asia Ecological Supports Hong Kong’s Pond Fisheries with FIAs
Pond fisheries have long been a part of Hong Kong’s culture and fish ponds abound in the New Territories. To protect commercial fisheries, Fisheries Impact Assessments (FIAs) are typically carried out as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment, Planning Application or Feasibility Study for new developments in areas where ponds potentially used for commercial fisheries are located. Asia Ecological has extensive experience in conducting FIAs and supports the continuation of pond fish culture in Hong Kong.
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  Demand for Professional Arborists
on the Rise in Hong Kong

Responding to the need for professional arborist services, we at Asia Ecological have invested much effort into broadening our arboricultural offerings. We are excited about the growth in experience that will arise from our appointment by the MTRC, the Lands Department and a religious centre in the New Territories to provide professional arborist services for their upcoming development projects. Each of these three projects requires Asia Ecological’s expertise in tree management, monitoring and inspection. Click here for more information