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 Elizabeth Wu 

MSc, BSc (Hons), Certified Arborist (ISA)

Elizabeth is a Senior Ecologist with extensive experience in habitat management, wetland creation and detailed design of ecological enhancement measures. She has experience with freshwater and brackish water ecosystems and is responsible for managing important wetland sites in the Deep Bay area. In addition she lends her experience in mapping and design to a wide variety of projects for EIAs and arboricultural projects

 Grace Yang 

BSc, MPhil, MHKIEIA, Certified Arborist (ISA)

Grace is an ecologist with 11 years of academic and practical experiences in ecological survey and monitoring. She has wide experience in Environmental Impact Assessments, Strategic Environmental Assessments and Environmental Monitoring and Audit in Hong Kong, specializing in ecological and landscape aspects. She is familiar with the local flora and fauna in both terrestrial and freshwater habitats in Hong Kong. With the solid experience in environmental studies, she has managed and contributed to a variety of projects for both government and private companies. Grace has in overseas experience in mainland China, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam and Arica.

 Charles Hui 

BSc (Hons), Certified Arborist (ISA)

Charles is an Arboricultural specialist and he has been certified by ISA as a Certified Arborist, Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist and Certified Tree Worker Specialist. He is experienced in tree risk management, tree works supervision and tree preservation. He also has experience in conducting detailed assessments with the use of wood resistance drills (Resistograph R) and tomographs. He has conducted aerials inspection and tree maintenance work at height, including pruning and tree removal. Furthermore, Charles also has extensive botanical skills, and is familiar with over 1,000 species of local plants. He has been involved in vegetation and habitat surveys for a wide range of ecological studies and environmental impact assessments.

 Tommy Hui 

MSc, BSc(Hons)

Tommy is a faunal ecologist with considerable knowledge and experience in local biodiversity, nature conservation and habitat management. He has strong experience in field surveys for different faunal taxa groups and is thoroughly familiar with local fauna, with a particular interest in butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, and both freshwater and estuarine fishes. He is very familiar with various local biodiversity hot-spots and ecological sensitive areas, including. Tommy is intensively involved in various large-scale planning studies, SEAs, EIAs, as well as other ecological monitoring projects, providing ecological input in habitat evaluation, impact assessment and mitigation measures.

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