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aec Ltd. is Hong Kongˇ¦s largest independent arboricultural and ecological consultancy established in 1999. The aec Tree Team consists of fully qualified and highly trained Arborist and Tree Climber with over fifteen years of experience combined. Look no further for all your tree care needs.

We provide:

Tree works
  Hazardous Tree Removal  
  Emergency Tree Works  
  Planting and Transplanting  
  Tree Works Supervision  
  Tree Health Care  

Tree Risk Management
  Tree Risk Assessment  
  Tree Surveys  
  Aerial Inspections  
  Tree Incident Report 
  Storm Damage Response 

Our Technology
  Tree Tomography  
  GIS Tree Plotting / Mapping  

Consultancy services
  Diagnosis of Ill-Health in Trees  
  Manage Government Tree Works Requests  
  Tree Removal Applications  
  Tree Management Plans  
  Pre-development Consultation  

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Contact aec
Address: Rm 121-127, Commercial Centre, Palm Springs, Yuen Long, NewTerritories, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2486 2885
Fax: (852) 2471 8389

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