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Ecological considerations are an integral component of strategic planning studies at the local, regional and national levels. Maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem functions is often required as a strategic consideration for conservation reasons, but it is also likely to result in recreational and lifestyle benefits to the community. aec's team of professional ecologists provide expert environmental protection, ecological preservation and strategic planning services that address the urgent need to ensure that development projects are, at the very least, neutral in their ecological impact.

Services We Provide
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Ecological Impact Assessment (EcolIA)
Habitats and Species: Surveys, Monitoring and Audits
Habitat, Botanical and Faunal Surveys
Fauna surveys
Freshwater invertebrate surveys and identification + Freshwater biodiversity surveys
Ecological Mitigation
Ecological Mitigation Plan
Ecological Mitigation Timing
Ecological Mitigation Construction
Ecological Adaptive Management
Ecology in the Master Planning Process
Wildlife Habitat Restoration and Creation
Habitat creation
Biodiversity training
Condition monitoring of SSSIs and other protected sites
GIS Mapping and Environmental Data Management

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